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Production of various types of compressor reed valves professional manufacturers


Production of various types of compressor reed valves professional manufacturers

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Beijing Languang Valve Manufactory Co is the  production of  various types of compressor reed valves professional manufacturers. Established in 1984, the original part of Beijing watch industry companies. In 2000 by the state-owned enterprises  into joint-stock enterprises. 1988 began  producing compressor valves, compressor products, including refrigerators and freezers, air conditioners, compressors, commercial refrigeration compressors and other types of small gas compressor valves. Now producing more than  800 varieties.


Beijing blue light in the valve manufacturing refrigeration compressors in China, the first  long-term market share, the company employees 180 people, the monthly production capacity of 2016 to 20 million pieces.



Beijing blue light has a full set of process equipment including mold manufacturing, professional processing, product testing, environmental control, more than 400 Taiwan. We designed to produce high-precision valves molds, using the internationally accepted good special steel valves, valve decades of production experience, professional and large-scale production makes our products of good quality and reasonable price for timely shipment.


Beijing blue light on the fatigue characteristics of the compressor valve plate have a more in-depth understanding and solutions. For a long time, blue light to focus on innovative valve manufacturing process, and helped the efficient performance and energy saving ideas refrigeration compressor users are achieved.


Beijing blue light in 2001 through the ISO9000 quality management system certification. We are very concerned about the quality of the production process control, attention to detail is the key to quality valves.


Beijing blue light in 2010 by the China Entrepreneur will be rated "growth of SMEs in China 100" enterprises. 2015 was awarded the "high-tech enterprise" certificate of the Beijing Municipal Government.


There is no doubt in Beijing Buyer blue light valve is best choice for customers.

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